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Audio production in multiple languages is a vital component of the vast array of audio-visual devices, screens and content available for our entertainment, education and information consumption.

SIDE's portfolio of high quality professional services delivers outstanding result whether for video games, film and TV content, Text-To-Speech software (TTS) or Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technologies. With years of experience getting the best results from voice talent for a wide range of project types, our production teams oversee the entire process from your original casting brief to delivery of final assets.

We have the expertise, resources and facilities to manage large-scale productions at locations around the world.

An effort that required the largest cast we’ve assembled thus far, multiple directors, producers, engineers, as well as enlightened oversight to bring it all together... I cannot commend SIDE enough for what they brought to the process and ultimately helped us achieve.

- Leading Interactive Entertainment Media Publisher

SIDE have worked with many leading developers in the interactive media industry and have racked up several awards along the way:

TIGA Games Industry Award

2015 Winner Best Audio Supplier

2014 Winner Best Audio Supplier

Develop Industry Excellence Award

2016 Winner Creative Outsourcer – Audio

2015 Winner Creative Outsourcer – Audio

2013 Winner Creative Contribution – Audio

2012 Winner Audio Outsourcer

2011 Winner Audio Outsourcer

2010 Winner Audio Outsourcer

2009 Winner Creative Services

2006 Winner Creative Services

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