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Careers in Languages

Ahoy hoy! We recently sat down with Lead Talent Acquisition Specialist, Daniel Gomez, to find out about his latest forays into attracting the top talent for the Pole To Win London team.

Daniel started with Pole To Win in August 2016 and has been flying the Pole To Win flag ever since. His job is to recruit talent for Pole To Win’s London studio. This can entail promoting the company through different channels, such as universities and careers fairs, or anything at all related to talent acquisition, and letting the world know Pole To Win is an amazing place to work.

Recently Daniel and the London Talent Acquisition team attended the Careers in Languages Fair at University of Westminster on 19th October. He described it as “a great opportunity for PTW to get to know amazing people. From very talented candidates to great co-workers, networking was key in the event.” The event was deemed to be a big success, “…not only because we get to know very talented professionals but also because we could establish relationships with other entities participating at the event. [It was] such an amazing chance to share opinions with people that love languages as much as we do!”

And we sure do love languages!

We asked Daniel what his team was looking for in prospective candidates to which he said “motivated people with a linguistic background and an interest in video games.” It’s as simple as that.

So if a candidate meets all the requirements, what else should they do? “Be yourself, we want to get to know you! Real passion for what we do is definitely an advantage.”

Motivated? Check. Linguistic background? Check. Loves video games? Check. Passion for the company? Check. What now? Send a CV and a covering letter to Our London team would be happy to hear from you.

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