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Female Protagonists in Video Games

In recognition of International Women’s Day (March 8) we wanted to celebrate some of the female protagonists in video games. We asked our teams about some of their favorites and there were three clear frontrunners.

3. Name: Lara Croft

Game(s): Tomb Raider

Why she is likeable:

“She is a strong woman who kicks butts”

“She is an intelligent, fun, and interesting character with sufficient depth being added to her”

“She's believable, but extraordinary in terms of skills and knowledge. I think they've tried to add a bit more humanity to her in recent titles. I think it's positive to see role models for young girls and boys that don't fit the typical mould. [It is] good for boys to see that females can be as smart and powerful [as males], and good for girls to recognise the same.”

“She is a strong, independent and smart lady.”

“[She is likeable] especially in the new games; she's fighting although she's afraid and has to adapt to new situations.”

2. Name: Samus Aran

Game(s): Metroid

Why she is likeable:

“Because she is a female non-sexualized main character”

“[She] uses action instead of words, her small emotes instead of speech say a lot more. Despite working primarily with the government forces, she is actually portrayed of a neutral alignment in that on two occasions she has destroyed their facilities because what they are testing is morally wrong.”

“She's badass.”

1. Name: Faith Connors

Game(s): Mirror’s Edge

Why she is likable:

“She is a believable and realistic character. At no point does she change her personality to fit some silly stereotype of women as happens in a surprising amount of other media and games. She has strong ethics and beliefs and stands fast behind them despite being hunted down by an oppressive big brother state.”

“I like that she's very athletic and great at martial arts. She doesn't need super powers or weapons to do the job.”

“…she is recognized as one of the runners and her gender is never factored into the equation. She dresses sensibly for it and is never called out for being a woman (positively or negatively). This allows for greater focus on the character herself and her personality.”

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